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Looking for a trustworthy, qualified and cost effective solution for your IT Outsourcing, Software Development, MVP, Startup and Enterprise?

About Developers Hive

DevelopersHive - an IT outsourcing company that offers Web App Development, Mobile, Website and UI/UX designing with a focus on highly result-oriented beautiful designs.

✔ DevelopersHive is a 'Perfect Outsourcing Partner' for all your Design and Development requirements.

✔ Every single team member is selected like a gem by expert-vetted seniors. The hiring process we follow is strictly up to the market standards & only qualified professionals are selected.

✔ Even if you are a startup or looking for an MVP, our team of experts and professionals are available to provide you with the best high-quality services at an affordable cost.


Our Offerings & Expertise

Developers Hive focuses on delivering latest technology stack when it comes to IT. Our focus is to give you a one stop solution for designing, development and delivery! Working with Website, Micro-Services, AWS, Cloud, Serverless, Designs, Graphics to a complete software house.

NodeJS & Java Development

NodeJs & Java Development

Node.js fo Micro-Services backend is the Top choice of the companies today. API Development, Real-Time communication/notification, video calling, data processing and highly scalable application development it is all possible in less time and cost with Node.js

Relational & Non Relationsl Database

Relational & Non-Relational Database

MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite3, MongoDB, Firebase is extensively used by our IT softwares. MVP, Startups having choice of NoSQL for the rapid development to Relational Database for Enterprises and Custom Softwares is what's 🔥 reqirement.

Angular & ReactJs

React.js | Next.js & Angular

Next.js has taken over the market for technical SEO based SPA Framework. 20X Higher🚀 Lighthouse performance is delivered using NextJs. React & Angular are consistantly the elite SPA frameworks which are our top specialization.

Website & Graphic Designing

Website Desgining, UI/UX and Graphic Designing

Starting with Figma/Sketch/PSD for UI/UX Mockups, Graphics, Illustrations & website designing our 15+ years experienced designers can do it all. 80% More site vistors are observed by every single client using our experience of high user engaging, call to action and user interactive designs.

React Native & Ionic Mobile Apps

React Native and Ionic Mobile Apps

IOS & Android application development using React Native & Ionic cuts the time to market your business idea with lowest cost having same high quality as a native app. Over 8 years of consistant mobile application development makes Developers Hive a recurring choice.

AWS, Google, Azure, NgInx & more

AWS, Google, Azure, NgInx & more

AWS & Google Cloud offer the best hosting & software services for MVP, Startups to Enterprise products. There is no segment untouched by these providers, We specialize in AWS DevOps, EC2, S3, Simple Email Service on the top.

What Sets Us Apart?

Softwares built with no customers are of no use, right? DevelopersHive leads by building MVP and Products that are tailored to sell with 50X & more ROI. Top reasons why DevelopersHive is the right choice to outsource your software development

DevelopersHive has delivered 80+ Projects covering the Top 26+ Countries outsourcing their work.

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Our hiring is very strict & only the top cherry picked qualify to enter the Hive. Hiring individual developers & designers has been therefore the top choice for our clients.

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Your time and money is as valueable to us as it is to you. We understand your urgency to find the best partner who is trustworthy, qualified and professional with the work.

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Our recent work

We have made a global client base with our price-sensitive, best-in-industry software development services. Here are a few of our best works that can give you an idea of our design & development process.

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With a professional team, technical-edge and industry-expertise, we are ready to assist you. Reach out to experts to discuss your dream software.


DevelopersHive is a renowned software development company in India that offers full-cycle of custom software development, ERP software development, mobile software and web application development services. You can leave your queries here or reach out to us on social media. We are on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. Feel free to talk

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