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MentorPass helps businesses and enterprises to excel their wealth and health with less time using the expert mentorship that is delivered through hand picked mentors on their platform. Entrepreneurship is a difficult route and many new entrepreneurs give up their hope due to lack of support and proper guidance. This was taken into account by the founder of MentorPass who has experience working at Accenture and saw this as an emerging field. MentorPass aims to connect right mentor for your business requirements so that it makes the learning curve small and the path to your ideal goal much shorter. This will help you achieve your dreams in a shorter span and by investing less energy on unnecessary things.

Mentorship is a difficult job and finding the right mentor is clearly another big issue. With time and again constant difficulties for the right mentors to find an ideal entrepreneur and right entrepreneur to find the mentor who can understand their business and help them succeed the founders found it helpful to have a platform that serves everyone’s need and that made the journey of MentorPass begin.

Everything Easier and Simpler

How can an entrepreneur find the right mentor?It is always difficult as entrepreneurship is not something that has a fixed step to follow and get the result. Years of experience and proven track record is needed for an expert to become a Mentee. That’s the reason why MentorPass opens the door for everyone but filters out the top 1% qualified mentors to be the members of their platform. Using this pool of mentors and an easy to search mentors from the different business domains on their platform an entrepreneur can choose the right mentor for their requirement. To further make the right choice the entrepreneur can contact MentorPass to assist in making the right choice of mentor.

An Economical Price to Join the Platform

MentorPass has an affordable range of plans for its customers based on their requirements. Not every user can afford a high cost mentor and MentorPass takes care of this by providing a variety of plan based on the affordability and requirement.


Choice of Mentors

Mentors have an opportunity to join MentorPass as the right company to value their service and get what they deserve. They save their time from searching through the clients and managing their finances more easily using this platform.


How did Developers Hive Enterprise Software Development Solution Contribute to MentorPass Success?

Each client that approaches Developers Hive for custom enterprise application development goes through a series of preliminary assessments. These assessments are done to analyse the business that our clients are targeting and how a perfect design can be crafted for them. Business assessment makes it easier for the software engineers and business analysts to list of the feature lists and technical requirements. At DevelopersHive we make sure that clients that are non-technical are made to understand the things that will be done in the easier and presentable way.

Once the features are finalized the next important factor is to design the application. This is done with the meetings that take place between our highly experienced senior designers that take into the account for User Interaction (UI) and User Experience (UX) that are ideal for the business. Our engineers and designers have experience working with enterprises and businesses that have impact on millions of users. A few fortune clients that we have worked with include RelayX, IDL WorldWide, Aboard Menu, Benova. MentorPass is a self-marketing platform as one of its key features. Once you register as a mentor on MentorPass the platform markets the mentor profile to various search engines to generate more direct leads that are genuinely looking for your service. Similarly for the entrepreneurs it helps them find their ideal Mentor simply by using the search engine and schedule their first interaction.

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