All about Benova Session

An “Easy”,” Holistic” and “For sure” Video communication digital meeting that made everything easier and simpler. Majorly it consists of Video Consultation, Conference rooms and Case final.
Video Consultation : Video communication that feels better than a face-to-face meeting. From individual consultants to customer service centers.
Conference rooms : Invite users to a conference room with one click or send a link for external users.
Case Final : From the initial consultation to the legally compliant conclusion of a contract. Simply complete processes without media disruption.

Everything you need is here on one platform

Benova consists of following functions on a single platform, without any media disruption and without installing additional software.

  • Timeline Checkmark Queue management and Legitimizing customers


    Benova has taken the key features that are important to their cutomers as to minimize the waiting time of the customers and optimize the utilization of the agents with the queue management system. Moreover, it Carry out a legally compliant legitimation check of the customers directly in Benova Session.

  • Timeline Checkmark Innovative room concept and Signature function


    Benova has video conference rooms follow the philosophy of being modeled on physical rooms - supplemented by the possibilities of digitization. Where as it also conclude legally secure contracts with an electronic signature or an advanced electronic signature.

  • Timeline Checkmark Scan documents and Collaborative editing


    Scan customer's documents remotely. These are then immediately available for joint processing. Also, Process documents together with the customers. The customer sees input immediately, so the finished document is created in collaboration.

  • Timeline Checkmark Whiteboard function and Brokering


    It easily bring specialists in to a conversation or pass the conversation on using Brokering. As well as, allows share presentations, websites or clarify the content of a conversation with you or your customer using a drawing function.

Where is Benova Session used?

Banking advice : Benova session is used as to get in touch with the customers via web or app. Personal, safe and easy.
Estate agents : Advice via video communication creates a trusting atmosphere. Here Benova Session can be used from the initial consultation to the legally secure conclusion of a contract.
Financial service providers : Benova Session offers you all the options for a personal conversation. You and your customers save time and money, always available. All over. GDPR-compliant and case-final.
Insurance company : Like banks, insurance companies operate branch networks to be there for their customers. Benova session provide booths or the mobile version to optimize your service and maintain it cost-effectively.
Public facilities : Completely redesign customer contact. Cost-efficient, simple and more convenient than ever for your customers.

Interested in how Developers Hive helped Benova to make its success?

Each client that approaches Developers Hive for custom enterprise application development goes through a series of preliminary assessments. These assessments are done to analyse the business that our clients are targeting and how a perfect design can be crafted for them. Business assessment makes it easier for the software engineers and business analysts to list of the feature lists and technical requirements. At DevelopersHive we make sure that clients that are non-technical are made to understand the things that will be done in the easier and presentable way.

Once the features are finalized the next important factor is to design the application. This is done with the meetings that take place between our highly experienced senior designers that take into the account for User Interaction (UI) and User Experience (UX) that are ideal for the business. Our engineers and designers have experience working with enterprises and businesses that have impact on millions of users. A few fortune clients that we have worked with include RelayX, IDL WorldWide, Aboard Menu, Benova.
Benova Session is an innovative communication platform which provides Interactive editing of documents, Whiteboard with drawing function, Screen sharing without additional software, Chat, Record audio and video, Queue management and much more. These listed features are very rare and usually cannot be found all of them on a single platform. That's why it was a big challenge for Benova and for us too and we helped them overcome this requirement with the use of latest technology and our experienced engineers. We used our private knowledge domain that has been authenticated in use by companies that we have served like MentorPass which uses same concept to generate more traffic for their platform to sell their services.

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