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Bunkering is laborious, error-prone, and takes up too much of your time. Not anymore!!! With MetaNoun:
1. Bunker Quality & Risk discovery questions that previously required hours of ms-excel wizardry or chasing IT are now just 1-click away.
2. Logistical tasks that took a lot of back and forth now can be completed in 1-Click.
3. Ensure the quality & quantity of bunker fuel used on your ships via our fuel testing/inspection services Know more on our website.

Know Your Bunkers Better!!!

Interact with your bunker lab test reports in a visual way. You won’t need any additional days off to keep track about your bunkers or a team to manage the statistics for you. With a fast and easy tool of MetaNoun you can now can do it yourself and far better than a human error that might be involved in manual work. Know more about our bunker fuel testing/inspection services (USA/Singapore)


Interactive charts and UI elements

Bunker insights have been made more easier with the help of highly interactive charts and UI elements that make hours of work feasible in just a few seconds. With a wide range of charts and a variety of filters, doing a study of your bunkers is now just a hassle-free job for you.


Search your Bunkers at lightning fast speed

MetaNoun uses a high-speed search engine technology known as Algolia that allows you to search for your bunkers using any filter parameter that you have in your bunkers and that too without any traditional slow search speed even without knowing all the details of it with the help of any parameter you know. With Firebase and Algolia now you have access to any bunker you need


Upload your existing reports

You can upload your existing reports in pdf format and a smart extraction tool by MetaNoun will import all your existing reports with no additional action need. This automated feature will help you migrate to MetaNoun as fast as possible without any manual data entry needed.


How DevelopersHive managed MetaNoun for its Bunker Insights?

At Developers Hive we have engineers that are expert in their fields and ready to accept all the challenges coming their way. When we had a complex requirement like MetaNoun which is a critical requirement as any false report can lead to financial loss.
Features that needed highly detailed development and testing with the ML compliances were discussed and planned with a number of revisions to bring things in the state where it is fully functional. Our engineers and designers have experience working with enterprises and businesses that have impact on millions of users. A few fortune clients that we have worked with include RelayX, IDL WorldWide, Aboard Menu, Benova. MetaNoun is not the only enterprise that came to us for such a dynamic application. At Developers Hive we have build private enterprise application including ItOptix that are equally challenging and help IT infrastructures to be managed.

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